What type of survey should I have?

  • Any lender will always carry out a basic valuation of any property you are buying. This will involve a surveyor visiting the property or it could also be done remotely. This type of valuation is generally for the lender not the purchaser, in most cases it is free.
  • Homebuyers report. This is a more detailed survey and it will benefit the purchaser. The survey could identify problems such as rot, damp or subsidence. It is non-intrusive so the surveyor will not move furniture, lift up floorboards or drill holes. The cost of this survey is £500+
  • Building Survey/Full Structural Survey. This is more detailed, the surveyor will get into the loft, check behind walls, look between floors and above ceilings. It includes advice on any repairs required, costs, timings of repairs and timescales. The cost of this survey is £1000+

A house purchase is one of the biggest decisions you will make, the added peace of mind from a survey is highly recommended.